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Success Finally



An IOWL listener shares her weight loss success:

“I have lost in total 72kg over a few years. I tried a lot of fad diets all of which didn’t work long term mainly because they were impossible to sustain. I finally realized that healthy normal eating and regular exercise played a big part and that I was human and that it was ok to have chocolate etc. I believe that my weight loss success was more about mental strength than the physical (Diet and exercise). It was about learning to accept myself for who I am and be comfortable with that. To accept the setbacks, plateaus and believe that I had the mental strength to get back on track. And above all NOT to focus on what the scales said- they just give you a number and I learnt not to revolve my whole well-being around what that number said on a particular day.
I now want to share my experience with others. I didn’t go on famous weight loss¬†TV shows or have plastic surgery- I just decided that I wanted to feel good about myself, be healthy and achieve my goals. I also tuned into your inside out weigh loss pod casts as I was walking and believe me I found them totally motivating and inspiring so THANK U!
I now want to help others to be obesity conquerors by showing them that it is possible. I have joined twitter (Lost_it72) and I post a gratitude statement each day- learning to be grateful for little things really helped me on my journey.
Thanks again Renee

 Congratulations on your terrific success Kelly!



  1. noorim said,

    February 17, 2012 @ 12:29 pm

    Dear Kelly, a million congrats. You are an inspiration. Renee, I came across your show on itunes and I know its just the right fit for me. I am grateful for stumbling across you, and look forward to taking this journey with you.

    - Noor

  2. cswann1 said,

    March 4, 2012 @ 3:57 pm

    Congrats, Kelly! That’s a heck of a change!

    Renee, I wanted to leave a comment here to tell you how wonderful it is that I’ve found your show. I’m still working my way through the archives, so I’ve got plenty more podcasts to listen to, but I’ve been telling all my friends about you. I’m about to post it on my Facebook as well.

    I’ve never been very big, but the extra pounds are annoying. So far I’ve gone from 164 to 156! It’s so effortless! The only effort comes in remembering to be kind to myself. The more I listen to your podcasts, the more power is given to that little voice inside saying, “Hey, if it’s not that great, stop eating it!” It’s rather hilarious, actually.

    With every choice I make to listen to my body and treat it as the pretty little (sea)shell it is, I get one step closer to my inner vision of myself: a green-eyed, red-headed pixie motorcycle gang leader vampire hunter goddess! RAWRRR!

    Thank you again for all that you do. :) Should you want to use anything I’ve said for your show or what have you, please do with my full permission.

    Best wishes,


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