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Who’s Listening?

This message from Angela brought tears to my eyes. I record my podcasts on my own, and sometimes wonder who listens.  Angela’s message reminds me that people do listen.  I am overwhelmed by gratitude to be able to do the work I do.

“Hello Renee!
    Your episode of asking ourselves if we have to undereat in order to lose weight was something I REALLY needed to hear! For the past month, I have not had any binges, but two which is amazing for me. So I figured, with all of that non-binging, I would already be lighter considering I am eating way less food than I was before…but my weight has not budged and it has been a bit depressing. But when I listened to this particular podcast, I thought to myself “Am I really not overeating or am I just not binging?” And although they both seem synonymous to me at times…they are totally different! I was allowing myself to overeat at almost every meal and still feeling “good” about it just because I wasn’t having my daily binge every night. But like you said, we should check our hunger levels before eating and find out if we are even hungry and also to set our intents beforehand. And that’s exactly what I’ve started doing today.
And I absolutely LOVE how you’ve coined the term ‘hunger phobia’. It’s SO true! Hunger gets a horrible reputation, but I am starting to see how BEAUTIFUL and AMAZING it actually is. To eat when you’re actually hungry (and not just when you THINK you’re hungry or eating just because it’s the “right time” to do so) is …revolutionary! I know my email is filled with a lot of CAPS and !’s. I just can’t help but to get so excited when I start thinking about it though. You have and continue to change my life. I truly feel like THIS IS IT. It is the right “tool” and it’s just a matter of time and work before I become an NSP …Naturally Slender (and Sexified) Person! =)

Lastly, I wanted to add what a sigh of relief it was to hear you mention how meeting with a therapist didn’t necessarily show an improvement for overeaters and within a certain amount of time, they were back to overeating. Do you know how discouraged I felt a few years ago when I made the step to meet with an Eating Disorder psychotherapist (eeps, that sounds scary!) and it wasn’t/didn’t work? I thought to myself… if this is supposed to be the final answer and it’s not working for me, does that mean I’m doomed to be this way forever? It was a reassuring message for me and I’m sure it is to plenty others who have experienced the same.
I can’t say it enough.  Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. and THANK YOU for what you are doing. I choose to be grateful for the body I have now. The body that allows me to take deep breaths, to dance, to walk, to see all of the colors, to see hear wonderful music that pumps me up as I workout, to be able to speak my thoughts and to be able to truly listen to others, and my awesome fingers to be able to type this to you!!!
With much love and gratitude,

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  1. jkleitz said,

    May 24, 2012 @ 7:51 pm

    Renee, I am so thrilled I found your podcast on Zune. It’s a perfect fit. I recognize some of your terminology from my Religious Science studies. I forgot so much…. about the mind not recognizing a negative… No more donuts…what’s that? More donuts..

    I’m surprised you’re not splattered on every tv and radio in the world…. your message is wonderful. For the highest and best for all concerned. :O)



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