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Success Finally



An IOWL listener shares her weight loss success:

“I have lost in total 72kg over a few years. I tried a lot of fad diets all of which didn’t work long term mainly because they were impossible to sustain. I finally realized that healthy normal eating and regular exercise played a big part and that I was human and that it was ok to have chocolate etc. I believe that my weight loss success was more about mental strength than the physical (Diet and exercise). It was about learning to accept myself for who I am and be comfortable with that. To accept the setbacks, plateaus and believe that I had the mental strength to get back on track. And above all NOT to focus on what the scales said- they just give you a number and I learnt not to revolve my whole well-being around what that number said on a particular day.
I now want to share my experience with others. I didn’t go on famous weight loss TV shows or have plastic surgery- I just decided that I wanted to feel good about myself, be healthy and achieve my goals. I also tuned into your inside out weigh loss pod casts as I was walking and believe me I found them totally motivating and inspiring so THANK U!
I now want to help others to be obesity conquerors by showing them that it is possible. I have joined twitter (Lost_it72) and I post a gratitude statement each day- learning to be grateful for little things really helped me on my journey.
Thanks again Renee

 Congratulations on your terrific success Kelly!


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Beautiful Prayer

I found this in Oprah Magazine.  It’s a favorite of Maria Shriver, and now of mine:

May today there be peace within.

May you trust God that you are exactly where you are meant to be.

May you not forget the infinite possibilities that are born of faith.

May you use those gifts that you have received, and pass on the love that has been given to you.

May you be content knowing you are a child of God.

Let this presence settle into your bones and allow your soul the freedom to sing, dance, praise, and love.

It is there for each and every one of us.

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IOWL Success

Ove, an IOWL listener shared his success story on my Facebook page. He wrote: 

“Hi Renee
I want to thank you for your free IOWL podCast. I have lost 16 kg over the past 3 years. My weight before was like a jojo it went up and down. The last 3 years it has gone down in stages. First 7 kg, then 3 kg and within the last 3 months 6 kg. I use your tools daily and often listen to your IOWL podCast. Especially your “Sabotage Self Sabotage!” exercise is very effective. Now I weigh 86 kg and go for 80-82 kg which is my natural weight. Thanks again for being a great contribution to humans and life. Love Ove ;o)”

 What’s your IOWL success story? I’d love to hear from you!

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“Full-Filled: The 6-Week Weight-Loss Plan for Changing Your Relationship with Food—and Your Life—from the Inside Out”


I am so excited to announce that my new book, Full-Filled: The 6-Week Weight-Loss Plan for Changing Your Relationship with Food—and Your Life—from the Inside Out” is now available for pre-sale! Be sure and pre-order your copy today:–Life-/dp/1451641214/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1320763640&sr=8-1 

Here’s what Publisher’s Weekly is saying about the book:

“Stephens, a diet and weight-loss coach whose weight-loss podcast tops the category on iTunes, teams up with writer Rose to present her program in book form. Formerly a compulsive eater, Stephens offers an unusual weight-loss plan that spends “very little time talking about what you should or should not put in your mouth.” To lose weight, dieters must eat less then what they burn, but rather than a detailed food and exercise plan, Stephens opts for viewing the process as a “spiritual practice.” According to Stephens, successful weight loss is “an inside job,” and long-term maintenance plans and motivation must come first. (Most diets have it “backward,” and as a result 95% of dieters gain weight back within one year, the author claims). She guides readers to examine why they over-eat, to view their setbacks not as failures but as feedback, and to use such self-correcting tools as working out, meditating, sleeping, and hydrating to get back on board after a slipup. Stephens shows how to identify trigger foods and situations, and encourages readers to track hunger levels and identify patterns. This user-friendly six-week program approaches weight loss as a journey with side trips and ups and downs; the goal is to arrive at a slim and healthy outcome.”


Tell Me Your IOWL Story!

I’m looking for listeners to tell me their Inside Out Weight Loss (IOWL) story.

I am looking for participants who:

  • Have listened at least to episodes 1-40
  • Have lost weight and are happy staying at your current weight (i.e. not trying to lose more)
  • Have maintained your current weight for 6 months, ideally longer
  • Feel IOWL played a significant role in your weight loss

I’ve already had some wonderful volunteers and am looking for more. This is part of my PhD research and your identity will be completely confidential if you desire.

The interview will last approximately one hour, and a follow up conversation or email may also be required.  By participating in this research, you will be helping end the weight struggle and empowering others to live more fulfilling lives!

If you are interested, please email me directly at reneemethod at gmail dot com ( I have to spell it out or the spam bots will get me).  Include the amount of  weight you have lost, how long you have maintained, and how long you have been listening as well as any other details you care to share at this point. I look forward to connecting!



Your Inner Athlete

Here’s a cool story about how an Inside Out Weight Loss listener re-discovered her inner athlete.


Releasing Your Fear of Flab

Here’s some inspiring feedback from a long time listener about my episode about Releasing your Fear of Flab.  These keep me going!

Hi Renee,
175 Podcast was outstanding. I have listened to it several times. It has helped me a lot as I choose the path toward better health and happiness and has helped me get on my own side. I loved the part about finding more pleasure in healthy food choices, and physical exercise then overeating. Also, the compassion piece, and forgiveness piece gives such clarity. And of course your honesty about the self loathing that you released yourself from is very liberating for me to hear.

Thanks, as always,


Feel Good About Yourself First

I love this story about how Samantha did the foundation work first of learning to feel good about herself, and the weight took care of itself.

Samantha Johnson posted:

“Hi Renee! I’ve been a listener for 3 years now and had my breakthrough a year ago last March. Though I didn’t lose much weight immediately, my relationship with food changed drastically– I was finally able to trust myself and my body and recognize my body’s changing needs depending on my level of exercise…I now eat freely and openly. I lost about 20-25 pounds (I don’t actually know since I don’t have a scale anymore– I just began to notice my pants and shorts were too big… ), 15 since maybe October and 20 since my breakthrough. The peace and acceptance I have found through your podcasts for myself has been truly monumental. I continue to listen and apply lessons to the rest of my life, and I proudly share my “secret” with others. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Sending good energy to all those on this journey! “


A Bonus to Healthy Changes

Here’s a note from a listener who goes by the name Souly Shiner. I just love it when other areas of life start getting better for no apparent reason”. Kudos to Souly for noticing it!

Souly wrote: “19 lbs and counting :-)…also alot of other areas of my life are changing. My house stays clean which is a huge accomplishment for me. My excuse use to be I am a creative person and we are just messy but I dont even realize when it started staying clean…It just happened so thanks again…”


Who’s Listening?

This message from Angela brought tears to my eyes. I record my podcasts on my own, and sometimes wonder who listens.  Angela’s message reminds me that people do listen.  I am overwhelmed by gratitude to be able to do the work I do.

“Hello Renee!
    Your episode of asking ourselves if we have to undereat in order to lose weight was something I REALLY needed to hear! For the past month, I have not had any binges, but two which is amazing for me. So I figured, with all of that non-binging, I would already be lighter considering I am eating way less food than I was before…but my weight has not budged and it has been a bit depressing. But when I listened to this particular podcast, I thought to myself “Am I really not overeating or am I just not binging?” And although they both seem synonymous to me at times…they are totally different! I was allowing myself to overeat at almost every meal and still feeling “good” about it just because I wasn’t having my daily binge every night. But like you said, we should check our hunger levels before eating and find out if we are even hungry and also to set our intents beforehand. And that’s exactly what I’ve started doing today.
And I absolutely LOVE how you’ve coined the term ‘hunger phobia’. It’s SO true! Hunger gets a horrible reputation, but I am starting to see how BEAUTIFUL and AMAZING it actually is. To eat when you’re actually hungry (and not just when you THINK you’re hungry or eating just because it’s the “right time” to do so) is …revolutionary! I know my email is filled with a lot of CAPS and !’s. I just can’t help but to get so excited when I start thinking about it though. You have and continue to change my life. I truly feel like THIS IS IT. It is the right “tool” and it’s just a matter of time and work before I become an NSP …Naturally Slender (and Sexified) Person! =)

Lastly, I wanted to add what a sigh of relief it was to hear you mention how meeting with a therapist didn’t necessarily show an improvement for overeaters and within a certain amount of time, they were back to overeating. Do you know how discouraged I felt a few years ago when I made the step to meet with an Eating Disorder psychotherapist (eeps, that sounds scary!) and it wasn’t/didn’t work? I thought to myself… if this is supposed to be the final answer and it’s not working for me, does that mean I’m doomed to be this way forever? It was a reassuring message for me and I’m sure it is to plenty others who have experienced the same.
I can’t say it enough.  Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. and THANK YOU for what you are doing. I choose to be grateful for the body I have now. The body that allows me to take deep breaths, to dance, to walk, to see all of the colors, to see hear wonderful music that pumps me up as I workout, to be able to speak my thoughts and to be able to truly listen to others, and my awesome fingers to be able to type this to you!!!
With much love and gratitude,

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